Working with Lisa was a dream come true! She did a spectacular job at helping us furnish our new home, and truly went above and beyond. She took the time to understand us and our taste. Every detail was thoughtfully considered and executed to perfection. Lisa and her team are an utter joy to work with!! I am so thankful we found her and cannot wait to work with her again in the future.
– Megan B

Lisa and her team were a complete pleasure to work with. They found the perfect balance of great design vision and practicality meeting our needs and wants every step of the way. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone asking.
– Chris Eben

Lisa is very creative, efficient, and helpful. I found her easy to work with and very professional. Altogether a lovely person. Her work quality is excellent and I would recommend her to anyone. I am very satisfied with the end results.
– Pamela Pastoll Jacobson

My experience with Lisa Lev was both extremely productive and very enjoyable. She made a very stressful job easy. Lisa is probably the most efficient and responsive designer I have worked with. She works very quickly, she is responsive to client needs and priorities and she is sensitive to budget while always attuned to quality. Not to mention that she is highly talented. I would recommend Lisa to anyone without reservation. I cant thank her enough for all her work. We now live in a gorgeous house that we love. 

We worked with Lisa Lev on a few different projects in our home. The first was our living room and daughter’s bedroom, and later projects included our master bedroom and other daughter’s bedroom. Lisa was a pleasure to work with. She really listened and understood our desires, and helped guide us with great suggestions and options – both in situations where we knew what we wanted, and where we didn’t. Lisa brought ideas forward which we would never have come up with on our own – and the result was fantastic. We would happily work with Lisa again, and would recommend her to anyone looking for design assistance – big project or small. 

Lisa was a pleasure to work with when we decided we needed to freshen up and cozy up particular rooms in our house in order to make them more inviting. She understood what my partner’s and my tastes were, where they differed, and what our common priorities were. She also made some firm suggestions based on what she thought would pull rooms together. These were sometimes surprising, but I think she really saw the big picture, whereas we had a more intimate and microscopic view of our space. We tentatively agreed to some of her suggestions — Colour on the walls! A large carpet instead of small ones in the living room! — and I must say these have proved to be the very things that have most transformed our house in exactly the way we wanted (cozy, inviting, elegant but practical). One more thing about Lisa: she has a great contact list of excellent installers that she oversees, so once the design decisions have been made, the work is done well. 

We truly enjoyed woking with Lisa Lev Design. She has a great eye for design and colour and was a great source of knowledge. She was extremely reliable and her sourcing was always thoughtful and always considered what we were looking for. Lisa has a great vision for an overall project, had some wonderful ideas and was always ready with alternatives when things were too expensive. We would recommend her and use her services again.

Lisa helped us bring our dream kitchen to reality! She was quickly able to zone in on our personal style and presented us with an elegant design that satisfied both form and function. Lisa made design suggestions that totally optimized the space and created a beautiful flow through the rest of the house, especially the entryway and dining room. We couldn’t have been more pleased and were excited to get the work started. Never having gone through a reno of this size before, Lisa quickly put our minds at ease. From the beginning to the end of the project Lisa organized all of our needs – from recommending materials (eg. paint, fabrics, counters, flooring) to sourcing and purchasing items and arranging installation ( eg. appliances, window treatments, lighting.) The project took 8 weeks and we were able to enjoy the new space over the holiday with our family. Lisa and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Lisa Lev’s services.

Lisa is a very knowledgable and professional designer. She has a keen eye for design but very quickly understands the vision of the client. She uses this vision along with her expertise to create an overall design that retains both the clients wishes but key design elements. Lisa met with us, the client, and drafted a set of drawings for a unique stair and storage element. She then sourced out the carpenter and assisted in the negotation of an agreeable price and product. The final product is fantastic.. a unique design element that everyone comments on. We plan on using Lisa this spring to help us bring some life to the main floor of our house. I highly recommend Lisa and her team. 

Lisa was the first and only designer I have ever known or used so my rating and comments are based on having but a single, albeit terrific, experience to drawn on. Lisa came to help us reenvision our main floor and our basement. My wife and I were stuck mid-reno and needed some direction, and Lisa’s read of our needs was very strong. We were able to go back and forth on the idea front with ease, and Lisa provided excellent drawings of a number of possibilities. We are excited about the choices we made and already have a back room done to Lisa’s specs that looks fantastic.
We are still in mid-reno so it is impossible to report back that the final result is gorgeous, but I have every confidence it will be. The concrete gets broken on the downstairs bathroom tomorrow!

Lisa Lev has undertaken two projects for redesigning my home. The first involved design and layout of our living room, dining room and family room when we first purchased our home and the second was a kitchen design. In both cases, Lisa was able to incorporate our family’s needs and preferences to create a welcoming environment in our home. She found creative solutions for many of our house’s shortcomings. She is very easy to work with; she is personable, outgoing and very responsive to the clients’ needs, budget, and personal taste. I enjoyed working with Lisa and I look forward to working with her again. 

Lisa Lev redesigned our basement and main floor. We couldn’t be happier with the results. She listened to what we envisioned and created beautiful spaces for our family, within our budget! Her ideas matched our style and brought warmth and harmony to our rooms. We wanted to brighten our home, and introduce some colour and life, while maintaining a clean, modern look. Lisa Lev certainly delivered, and we are so thrilled and grateful.