Lisa was a pleasure to work with when we decided we needed to freshen up and cozy up particular rooms in our house in order to make them more inviting. She understood what my partner’s and my tastes were, where they differed, and what our common priorities were. She also made some firm suggestions based on what she thought would pull rooms together. These were sometimes surprising, but I think she really saw the big picture, whereas we had a more intimate and microscopic view of our space. We tentatively agreed to some of her suggestions — Colour on the walls! A large carpet instead of small ones in the living room! — and I must say these have proved to be the very things that have most transformed our house in exactly the way we wanted (cozy, inviting, elegant but practical). One more thing about Lisa: she has a great contact list of excellent installers that she oversees, so once the design decisions have been made, the work is done well.