Working with Lisa was an absolute pleasure, and I can’t say enough how valuable she was to our renovation. Aside from the obvious traits you would expect such as excellent taste and a strong sense of practicality, there are a few things that really set Lisa apart.

When we inevitably ran into time-sensitive issues needing quick advice, she made herself available and either she or Katie would come back to us right away with a decision or some options.

It also impressed us how much she remembered from our initial consultation and how so many of our wishes were incorporated into the first set of drawings. Lisa really listened to what we wanted, and as a result we ended up with a finished product that is personal to us but at the same time better than we could have envisioned.

Her process is remarkably efficient, clearly refined over years of experience. I really appreciated this structure to drastically simplify what could otherwise be an overwhelming process.

Finally, being budget conscious like most people taking on a renovation, we gave Lisa a budget and she fell well within that range while providing full service.

Of all the aspects of our renovation that we spent money on (for an idea of scope, it was a first-floor gut of a Leslieville Victorian semi-detached), Lisa Lev Design provided the most value per dollar spent. I would imagine we are not the only clients to say so. Lisa and Katie are also so genuine and comfortable to work with that it makes the design process a real joy.

– Jeremy Martensyn